Stellar Wipe Reviews

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Data play important role in each work of computer and others. But sometimes it might be the cause of some of the critical problem. Stellar wipe is the perfect data wiping solutions that erase hard drive data permanently. This user friendly software uses powerful algorithm to erase the selected hard drive data. The data erased by this software can’t be recovered by any of the data recovery software.

Stellar wipe uses advance and powerful algorithm to ensure the permanent data deletion. You can easily keep your private information secure and safe from any of the external use. Most of the people have given stellar wipe reviews that it is the perfect way to erase hard drive data permanently. There are many situations in which you need this eraser software.


Some of the situations are: -

  • “At the time of selling your computer”
  • “When you are donating”
  • “If you are recycling or disposing the hard drives or any other electronic storage media”
  • “When you are merging, reconstructing or want to stop business”

Stellar Wipe software provides you easy interface to erase the data completely. It is user friendly so that non-technical person can also erase the data from hard drive effortlessly. It allows you selective option to remove the files. It is as powerful that can wipe entire hard drive at the same time. It provides you simple wizard driven interface. Stellar wipe reviews shows that how it is popular among the people who have experienced stellar wipe efficiency. This software is compatible with Mac and Windows different versions like Vista, XP, 2003 and 2000.


System Requirements

Processor: Pentium Class

Operating system: Windows 7, Vista, XP and latest versions of MAC

Memory: Minimum 256 MB(512 MB recommended)

Hard Disk: 50 MB free hard disk space


While I was searching for a data deletion tool I got this software. The software worked really well and deleted all my hard drive data permanently. Data deletion was never as easy as with Stellar Wipe