Stellar Wipe Data Eraser

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The world of computer is rotating around one of the elements that are data. Without data you can’t imagine about any of the thing in computer world as well as in this modern era. In this technological world a car is also made by the help of data without data no one is possible to make this. In the measurement you need data. Today many of the electronic robots have indulged in the work of making cars and other heavy work. All these robots work according to the programs that saved in their chips. And these programs are made with the help of data. So data keep more importance than others.

Sometimes due to data you may have to face critical issues. For example you had sold your computer. Before selling you had deleted all the files and folders of your computer. In your computer some of the files were very important in which some of your business file were saved. Due to security reason the importance of these files is more. But after few months you find that with the help of that data someone has done something wrong which has become the critical problem for you.


The above condition can occur with you. So to prevent from this situation you should conform that you have deleted your files and folders completely from hard disk before selling your computer. There might be other reason behind giving computer to others but it is your duty to erase your data permanently from the computer. It is fact that simple deletion or emptying the recycle bin can not remove data completely. One can recover those data by the use of any data recovery software and can misuse of your data. In such conditions you are required a data eraser software that can help you to remove data completely from the hard drive.

Stellar Wipe Data Eraser is a data cleanup and file eraser utility that can delete selected folders, group of files, entire logical drives, system traces and internet traces. This data eraser software maintains your computer privacy by permanent wiping worthless yet important data from your system. Once the data have been removed using Stellar Wipe Data eraser utility then it is beyond recovery limits of any data recovery software. This software supports Mac and Windows OS.


System Requirements

Processor: Pentium Class

Operating system: Windows 7, Vista, XP and latest versions of MAC

Memory: Minimum 256 MB(512 MB recommended)

Hard Disk: 50 MB free hard disk space


While I was searching for a data deletion tool I got this software. The software worked really well and deleted all my hard drive data permanently. Data deletion was never as easy as with Stellar Wipe