How to delete files and folders permanently?

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It is fact that whenever you remove files or folders to the trash then permanent file deletion for Windows doesn’t happen. Whenever you delete a file the original file still remains in the file system. After deleting the file the reference path of the file gets deleted. That reference file is till present on the hard disk. That can be recovering by the use of data recovery tool.

To delete the files permanently you need not to delete the file the record but you should also overwrite the physical portion of the hard drive where it lives. A low level format is equivalent to replace your private files with random bits (1’s and 0’s). After deleting this format of file no one can get back the file(s) again. But this way of deleting files is one of the difficult tasks. In most of the cases people fails in this process and data security breaks.


Why anyone want to delete files permanently? Generally this case arises when anyone is going to sell or donate his computer or hard drive. Due to security reasons you should perform this task. Because another people can misuse of your data and you may have to face problems. With the help of data recovery software one can recover your data and misuse with that because data recovery software can recover data in any logical data loss.

Stellar has designed third party software that works to delete files and folders permanently. Permanent file deletion for windows can be easily solved by the stellar wipe tool. For the permanent file deletion this third party software creates a new task to erase all unused disk space on your hard drive. It will eliminate all the files that you have deleted before using the eraser program. The task can be done according to your demand or scheduled to run according to your choice. This software enables you to deletes files permanent and wipes free space without any chance of recovery.


System Requirements

Processor: Pentium Class

Operating system: Windows 7, Vista, XP and latest versions of MAC

Memory: Minimum 256 MB(512 MB recommended)

Hard Disk: 50 MB free hard disk space


While I was searching for a data deletion tool I got this software. The software worked really well and deleted all my hard drive data permanently. Data deletion was never as easy as with Stellar Wipe