Best way for Permanent File deletion for Mac

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Have you planned to sale or donate your Macintosh computer? If yes, then you should think for a while because one can misuse with your data. Due to this reason you should erase your data or files completely. It is very important to delete your data completely from the hard disk before you give your computer anyone else. Simple deletion of files or the formatting of hard drive is not the safe way for permanent file deletion for Mac. One can easily retrieve the files after such kind of deletion and can be misused by malicious users. To make sure safe removal of data from system, a good file eraser is required.

In Mac OS X operating system file system is used to store, access, organize and manipulate files on the hard disk. Whenever any file is stored on Mac hard drive then there is a unique entry for that in the file system. This entry address is used to locate the files or directories from the hard drive. When you delete the file then only this reference address is deleted. The original file remains undamaged on the hard drive. In such a case Mac OS X operating system is not able to locate and access the file because reference file that is used by operating system is missing. In this condition people generally thinks that the file is gone forever but it is important to know that the file can be recover using Mac data recovery software.


The same condition occurs with hard drive formatting. When you format the hard drive then entire file system is removed make it as a RAW. But the recoveries of files are still possible. So there is also chance of misuse of your data. Physically destroying the hard disk can remove such problem but this is not the perfect way and you will have to purchase new hard drive for your system.

In order to resolve this critical problem you can use third party software. Stellar Wipe is the perfect solution for the permanent file deletion for Mac. This software overwrites the deleted files which can’t be done manually. People generally use inbuilt disk utility to erase hard drive volume there is drawback with this that it can not wipe selected files from the Mac hard drive volume. So use Stellar wipe Mac’s advanced utility to wipes selected files and folders beyond recover capabilities. This software is compatible with 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.5 Leopard and 10.4 Tiger.


System Requirements

Processor: Pentium Class

Operating system: Windows 7, Vista, XP and latest versions of MAC

Memory: Minimum 256 MB(512 MB recommended)

Hard Disk: 50 MB free hard disk space


While I was searching for a data deletion tool I got this software. The software worked really well and deleted all my hard drive data permanently. Data deletion was never as easy as with Stellar Wipe